Big Data, Information technology and Privacy Issues

I have been a futurist and professional speaker for associations and cruise lines for over forty years but nothing prepared me for the changes that have taken place in information technology in the last ten years.


Throughout history a person needed to understand and manage their environment in order to get access to power and influence. In the past a person required extensive resources to do this. This is no longer the case.  Now anyone with access to the appropriate skills can manage their world through the accumulation and organization of information. This information, which includes countless bits of information has come to be known as “Big Data”.  Right now other individuals and groups are collecting out data. What we buy online, the type and number of searches we make, where we go and when, how, when and where we use our smart phones and much more.

Today without us even realizing it, many of our activities are recorded. Through the use of powerful algorithms anyone can sift through the masses of recorded activities of individuals and groups that are publicly available.  On the positive side of all this is the fact that information enables us to make the world a more efficient, healthier and better managed place for sure.

With all the bombing going on of ISIS in Iraq all it took for ISIS  to get really upset was for twitter to shutdown any account s of the those who support them or seem that they might support them even if they haven’t already.

What is the down side of all this? There are many but one surely is the loss of privacy. There was a time where privacy simply meant that we were a bit mysterious to others. That definition doesn’t work anymore.

As an article I am going to link you to says “Privacy “is a lens through which we can explore power, politics, and the law.”


If you have a concern for your loss of privacy please read this Scientific American article. It is fascinating, even for those of you who are “off the grid” or know someone who is.



The article:


Of course a music video about privacy –


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