Lewis Speaks about “Maintaining Your Power When Leading Those that Oppose Your Lead”.


I often mentor and coach leaders who do not have the support of those they have been given the responsibility to lead.

This is a complex situation that reading Machiavelli, Sun Tzu or watching reruns of the Sopranos and taking notes will most likely not solve.

Here are some tips you can use derived from my “Advanced Course for Professional mentors and Coaches”.and on Lewis Harrison’s Applied game theory.

Ethics in selling

Rather than stake out clear positions radical change must take place through more subtle strategies. These may include:

*  Say nothing when radical thinkers and those looking to bring about radical change.  This implies that this progressive or reform approach Is what the decision maker wants.

*  Implicitly back one group of another without formally endorsing their point of view. This includes using influence to push aside or undermine those who resist the changes or slow the process.

* Expand the parameters of debate over an issue over how far reforms can go. This is an approach taken by Pope Francis as his papacy ran into increased resistance from the conservative cardinals.

* Make statements that are confusing and which can be interpreted by all sides as being in agreement with their position. This approach can be expanded upon by feeding such a statement to the media.

Effective leadership Is a complex affair,  especially when you are leading those with a different vision or agenda than you.

In the end the best one can hope for is to bring them over to your side or when this is not possible to have the ability to limit their influence on the process.

 Leadersship #3

Many influencers have the ability to present ideas that appear “reasonable and thoughtful” on the surface but on closer inspection turn out to be badly flawed to the absurd.



Lewis Harrison is a best-selling author,  motivational speaker,  mentor, coach. and sales trainer.


You can reach him at LewisCoaches@gmail.com

He offers stress management programs throughout the United  States and his corporate chair massage company, eventschairmassage.com provides seated and chair massage for stress management seminars and trainings as well to special events for  meeting planners and meeting professionals in New York City, New Jersey Las Veges, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Greensboro NC, Miami and Orlando Florida and other major meeting and conventions venues.

His book “Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Time” addresses important issues on human potential and personal development

Here is a short interview with Lewis Harrison on unnecessary struggle and visionary thinking


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