Game Theory, Tech Culture and Political Science

I was speaking to a few technology experts this week at conference I was attending on computer  technology and stress.

I asked a few of the attendees what they thought of the present presidential campaign in the USA and they all pretty much shrugged their shoulders.


After speaking to them further to became clear to me that though technology experts have taken over pop culture there’s one area they haven’t mastered,  politics.

It seems as if much of what happens in politics seems to be completely disconnected from the web-media demands for speed, volume, and topicality.

In my work as a leadership coach, content rich motivational speaker and trainer on game based thinking it has always amused me how the most brilliant leaders, software designers, and computer scientists are ignorant of the basic concepts of political science. 

To understand politics one must begin with generally accepted facts, and the ability to discard assumptions. This requires that one give up political labels such as progressive liberal, tea party, conservative or libertarian.  Then one must have a knowledge of games that allows one to contextualize new political information.

This is a highly politicized issue, but my blog post here has no political agenda. I’m not political because nothing could ever possibly be more annoying than American politics. I think both parties have good points, both also have a bunch of dumb people saying dumb things, and I want nothing to do with it. So I approached this post—like I try to with every post—from a standpoint of rationality and what I think makes sense.

Techies often have a distaste for government and politics which often motivates them to define themselves as  ideological libertarians. When pressed to define what this “libertarian ideal” is they are unable to respond.


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Here is a video of Bob Dylan singing about politics.