Futurist Speaks on the 2016 Global Economic Summit

http://www.amazon.com/Gamification-Business-Lewis-Harrison/dp/1628651083They just completed the Global Economic Summit is Davos, Switzerland. The heads of many nations convene to discuss and even influence the exonomic trends in the word

On the plane out West (I am presently teaching Game Based Thinking and Stress Management  in Southern California and Mexico) I got into a conversation with an economist concerning globalization. Here are some of the ideas that we discussed.Ag 1.jpg

  • In our globalized environment there are many forces and events that propel us forwards and backwards in terms of security, economic abundance and general quality of life. Mixed spot analysis and tools for long-term perspective indicate that one of the key areas that must be addressed is the role of digital technology in our future,  particularly robotics and artificial intelligence.


  • Many developing nations must integrate shifts from a predominantly agricultural economy to an industrial, infrastructure, and export-driven economy. As this take place and often because of this other factors naturally arise especially consumer and discretionary spending, with anti-corruption and reform initiatives also in the mix.

 Ag 2.jpg

  • What globalization has done is create an environment where what one country does can have a huge impact on everyone else. Thus a great year in China is going to be a poor year in any other developing country. This is because at this point in time every economy feels the impact of business instability in China.


  • With increased research in digital technology it is difficult to know what the new breakthroughs in AI are going to be and where they are going to come from.


  • Right now it is showing up in platform based business like Air B & B, Uber and Amazon.


If you have an interest in world affairs and economics but don’t the time to explore this may give you a few things to think about.

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Click below to observe a nine minute video interview Lewis  did with the Award winning journalist Phyllis Haynes on why  people suffer:



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