Lewis Harrison on Global Politics, Cheaters, Statistics and Data Doctoring

One of the challenges for any problem solver and decision maker is dealing with cheaters – those who act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, or to intentionally avoid something undesirable  by luck or skill.

One of the first things the master decision maker must explore when solving complex and extreme problems is  the quality of the data they must work with.  Often what is discovered  is that  the data they must organize, explore and process has been “Doctored”.  Data Doctoring is the intentional, reckless, or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, fabricating, or destroying of information relevant to creating a statistical report.


In my work in game based thinking we often speak of “cheaters”, those in a game who know the rules and also know that they do not have the skill, resources or the ability to win without breaking the rules. Individual’s cheat for one of three reasons 1. Evil intention, 2. Untended ignorance on the part of an otherwise intelligent person 3. Stupidity.


If you do not know how to deal with cheaters in life you will find yourself at a great disadvantage.


I was working with my stress management and chair massage team at a conference on statistics. When it comes to statistics cheating data doctoring takes place so that one can  do away with an unpleasant or  controversial number. This is especially so when dealing with a policy within a bureaucracy  that is extremely unpopular or which brings into question the statisticians’ professional integrity.


Data doctoring is done to hide essential facts and the truth in everything from medical billing, to military supply purchases, to growth measures in industrial production.

DD #1.jpg

“Data Doctoring” is a term that has become  ever more popular as economists explore the ways that many large organizations as well as government’s announce the health of their economies when those economies are anything but healthy.

Of course many multi-national corporations and  governments do this.


Click below to observe a nine minute video interview Lewis  did with the Award winning journalist Phyllis Haynes on why  people suffer:



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Lewis Harrison is the author of sixteen books including

“Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times” a book of  concerned with personal development, human potential, stress reduction and business excellence.





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 I have been contacted by many people who have studied with me over the last four decades. Many have an interest in my current ideas on  personal development and human potential. These notes are being organized into a series of books titled the”Teachings of Lewis Harrison” of which Volume One is “Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times.


based on the positive response to this first Volume in the series I have organized a free course from my 20,000 plus pages of notes on:


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His company www.eventsChairMassage.com offers chair massage services to meeting planners, event planners and incentive travel programs.  Massage groups in his massage network offer services in all areas of the United States including: Chair Massage Chicago – Trade Show Massage Washington D.C. – Stress Master Massage Las Vegas – Castro District Corporate Massage San Francisco – Los Angeles Stress management Massage – and The Javits Center Chair Massage Company – Capital Chair Massage Albany NY


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