Elon Musk’s Path to Success

Years ago when I was President of the New York Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association I came to know a nutrition expert named Maye Musk. She had been born in Canada and had moved to South Africa. A very bright and beautiful woman (inside and out) she had done some fashion modeling with some success and had gone into nutrition and public speaking as she raised her three children.

I did not know her well, but we did speak now and then and as my wife would say “she was very nice upon the eyes.”

One day, about eighteen years ago  she passed me on the street. She was holding  hands,  walking with a very charismatic and handsome young man. I stopped to say high and asked jokingly if this was her new boyfriend?

“No” she replied with a sense of irony “This is my son.”


Vision #2.jpg

We both laughed about it, and spoke for a few more minutes.  Her son told me that he was studying computers and had some big visions for the future. I gave him some positive thoughts and wished him great success as I would any young person with a dream.

After all, we were all young once and most of us had dreams for the future.

The conversation ended.

Over the years I would occasionally run into Maye or see her on TV doing an interview on some talk show about wellness and such.

In recent years as I write about game theory and coach people on game based thinking I have been reading articles about the President of Tesla Motors – An aggressive and innovative businessman/philanthropist  named Aron Musk. I never connected the dots between my colleague Maye and this fellow Aron Musk.

Yesterday, after reading another article about Aron Musk I decided to look him up in Wikipedia.



And there it was in the bio. Aron, changing the world for the better  and worth a bit over 12 Billion Dollars was raised by Canadian/South African Model and nutritionist Maye Musk.

How delightful.

I looked Maye  up on Facebook and it turned out we were already Facebook friends.

I sent her a short note about my meeting her blossoming son years ago and how proud she must be of  his success.

One of the gifts of having over six decades of living under one’s belt is being able to see the trajectory of people’s lives.

How could I know that this young man I met two decades ago would grow up to become a billionaire visionary activist. I hope he is happy. I like what he is doing and what he is about. We crossed paths for a few moments when he had a loving mother and a dream.

Thanks for reading.

Here is the wiki page on Aron Musk.




You may not have had a healthy, balanced, loving mother.

Keeping you in mind, here is a very intense and profound music video concerning his mother who died when he was young. He  wrote this song as part of his “Primal Scream Therapy”.


He says he wrote it for anyone “who was lacking the parent that was needed.”



Thanks for  sharing it with your friends.





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