Bodystorming and Problem Solving


In my own consulting and mentoring work I often have to apply game based thinking to scenarios where I know that irrational behavior is likely to influence certain scenarios.  Bodystorming is technique of physically experiencing a situation to derive new ideas. It requires setting up an experience – complete with necessary artifacts and people – and physically “testing” it. Bodystorming can also include physically changing your space during ideation. I have found this approach works best in a group and optimally in a group familiar with the concept of collaborative intelligence. What you’re focused on here is the way you interact with your environment and the choices you make while in it. Think of bodystorming as a physical form brainstorming. Instead of just describing ideas and talking about them, they are acted out in a physical manner. Depending on the group you’re with, it can be a lot of fun to do, and the different mindset can help in discovering insights you wouldn’t easily find in another way.


When done effectively Bodystorming can smooth out the rough edges of a a scenario. It simulates the touch points (contact between payers in a game)  and interactions in actually performing the strategic processes. It animates scenarios so that teams can uncover potential problems and reveal hidden assumptions embedded in the a planned strategy. There are at least four bodystorming techniques documented for different purposes and different stages of strategy development and engagement within the approach.
A bodystorm session might be structured in the following way.

  1. We begin with a “design problem”. A challenge, obstacle or other problems for which a solution is required.
  2. Participants break into small groups to improvise solutions. Post-it notes and pieces of paper serve as stand-ins for any impromptu roles (“angry customer”, “friend under duress”, “a sick patient” etc.) as well as actual solutions. Participants then re-enact their improvised solutions for the other teams, using the post-it notes and paper props.





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