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Best-selling author, world traveler, Game Theorist and master problem solver, Lewis Harrison is available to speak to your students.

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Lewis is known by many as the RealUGuru for his ability to use Big Data, Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence, and Solution Based Thinking to plow through FakeNews, desconstruct Conspiracy Theories, and create effective strategies to solve real world problems. 

Lewis is one of the only people to have worked with President Donald Trump (2002-2007)



 Documentary Film-maker and social activist Michael Moore (1999)



Lewis will motivate, inspire, inform and entertain.

A former Association Executive and presently the host of a talk radio show at WIOX 91.3 FM in NY Lewis has lived in the jungles of Asia and attended meetings at the Council of Foreign Relations  on U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

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Lewis, in back country Samar, Phillipines – He doesn’t just talk about making a difference – He makes a difference!

Lewis is an expert in Applied Game Thinking (a simple but effective approach to Game Theory); the science of power and influence, and leadership.

He  is a master strategist and has authored over sixteen books that have been translated into five languages including:


Lewis’ most recent books “Gamification for Business”, and  “Building Your Business in the New Digital Reality” explore two of the most trending topics on college campuses.


Lewis Harrison offers 3 Programs to Colleges

  1. Collaberative Leadership
  2. Conspiracy Theories and 1984: Is Orwell’s Reality Here?
  3. Game Theory and Applied Game Thinking: A Unique Path to Success in College and in Life.

….Of course Lewis can create customized programs as well. Just as him about it.


Program #1 – Collaberative Leadership



Great leaders have the ability to use various tools of influence to enlist the aid and the support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. A leader is not simply someone that others follow, or who guides or directs others.

These individuals  understand the subtleties of situational interaction, group function, behavior, powervision and values among others.

Great leaders can:

  • organize a group of people to achieve a commongoal.
  • bring out the greatness in others.
  • guide others in becoming great leaders.
  • have a physical and psychological tool chest of tips, and strategies for transcending obstacles and challenges.
  • inspire, motivate and educate team members and guide them to maximize collective intelligence.
  • delegate the right job to the right people.

The path to becoming a great leader has radically shifted in the last decade. Motivational platitudes just won’t cut it anymore. Students who have grown up playing tetris and can multi-task with five smart phones and yet for many it is hard to find the great leaders in government and in the business world. APPs think differently and they need to learn leadership skills that reflect how they think.

In this program Lewis offers students information on the skills needed for great leadership and combines them with basic game theory, systems theory, decision science, positive psychology, motivational and inspirational tools and intuition to create, build, sustain and expand leadership potential.



Program #2 – Title: Conspiracy Theories and 1984: Is Orwell’s Reality Here?


In 1949 George Orwell’s futuristic masterpiece “1984” was published.  Here Orwell described a superstate in a world of perpetual waromnipresent government surveillance, and public manipulation, dictated by a political system  under the control of  a privileged inner party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as “thought crimes

“1984” has become a guidebook for many who believe that this is the kind of world we are already living in.

Often called conspiracy theorists by critics these explorers of  “alternative realities” are convinced that there are persons, groups, and organizations that are presently initiating, causing  or covering up what is really “going on”, through secret planning and deliberate action, and illegal or harmful events or situations.

Are there conspiracies out there? You bet there are but they are probably not the ones you think you know about.

There is a difference between a conspiracy theory based on solid research and one based on superstition, sloppy research, and wishful thinking.  The Game based thinking (gamification) that has expanded through youth culture through Tetris and other puzzle based video games and the increasing use APPs and social media to create followers and counterintuitive “rebels” has created a form of resistance to Big Brother that Orwell never conceived of.

In this thought provoking and often humorous program noted futurist and gamification expert Lewis Harrison explores many of the most common conspiracy theories including those supposedly involving the Tri-lateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the  Federal Reserve Bank, The Power Elite, EFOs Aliens and Area 51, memes, Regenerating Thought Programs, the Bilderburg Group, chemtrails, the Illuminati,  and many more. He also speaks about conspiracy theories that turned out to be true!

Lewis is not concerned with debunking any particular theory but rather brings easy to apply critical thinking tools and invites his audience to use them in to exploring how conspiracy theories develop and become part of our ordinary reality.


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Program #3 – Applied Game Thinking: A Unique Path to Success in College and in Life.



No matter what we do in life we must strategize to get the greatest benefit at the lowest cost. Applied Game Thinking is an easy to understand and apply  approach to this goal that has had tremendous success in all levels of society. The concept of Applied Game Thinking is inspired by  game theory, a discipline founded by John Von Neumann, a Hungarian-born American mathematician, scientist and renaissance man. Game Thinking  describes concepts (systems) that were created to explain why and how individuals and organizations strategize, i.e. make decisions when one person (or more than one other person) might also affect the outcome of the decision.

Lewis Harrison studied  John Von Neumann’s original concept, tweaked it a bit, and applied it to other disciplines to create an approach that any college student can apply to maximize their social and academic experience. If you are a “gamer”, a sports enthusiast or spend more than an hour a day using Apps and social networking this is a must program.

The Greek philosopher Socrates stated that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Any student who is interested in avoiding  obstacles, problems and the most common pitfalls in college and afterwards  will greatly benefit from this program



“…presents a well organized step-by-step program. Following this program may have an immediate impact on your mental and physical health, and lead you to the threshold of a greatly improved quality of life. I recommend this man to anyone who wants less stress and more energy..”

      Jack Canfield, the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – Series of books


“What makes Lewis particularly effective as a speaker is that he engages superbly with audience members, typically in an unexpected way, appropriately using anecdotes to make his points.”

     Daniel J. Wiener, Ph.D.Licensed Psychologist, LMFT (Licensed Family Therapist) and Professor, Department of Counseling and Family Therapy,  Central Connecticut State University

“Lewis was one of the most interesting and informative speakers we had during the professional development training. He is truly a unique presenter.”

       John Delate, Associate Director, Purchase College, State University of New York, Office of Residence Life

“Lewis Harrison’s entertaining, high energy,  interactive style sparkles with insightful principles synthesized from a wide range of experts and thinkers.”

        Scott E. Weiner, Ph.D., former philosophy professor


Lewis is that unique individual who walks the walk and talks the talk, and embodies the values he believes in. He will always go the extra mile to help others.

I would recommend Lewis to all those who want to succeed in any aspect of their life.”

       Marilyn Horowitz, Professor, New York University, Tisch        School of the Arts


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Lewis Harrison on the Radio

Hear Lewis Harrison weekly on his  Network) radio show “Ask Lewis”

This is a motivational, educational, informational, inspirational and very funny Radio Show.

The show broadcasts every Thursday at 4:00 – 6:00 PM (EST) at

91.3 FM Roxbury NY and streams internationally on your smart device at

WIOX broadcasts from Roxbury NY in the majestic Catskill Mountains and is a proud member of WSKG Public Media – Part of the NPR network of stations.



 To learn more about working with Lewis call him 9 am -9pm 212-724-8782 or by e-mail at