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Lewis is one of the most original, creative, thinkers and an icon in the field of gamification, personal development, human potential, leadership and corporate wellness.

As a master of his craft, Lewis utilizes a number of techniques from decision science, and positive psychology to create customized presentations and memorable experiences for his clients. Many motivational speakers offer canned approaches, but Lewis uses his expansive knowledge of positive psychology, intuition, influence theory and social networking analysis to develop presentations that will educate, inspire and motivate.

Lewis is one of the first speakers to write books on and make presentations on the integration of futurism, globalization, digital technology and social networking; and develop models for creating successful business practices based on these concepts.

Q: What motivates you?

  1. I want to help people to prosper – to give up unnecessary struggle.
  2.  Why do people struggle unnecessarily?

A: There are four primary reasons:

  1. External factors beyond their control
  2. Internal, biological or genetic factors beyond their control
  3. Lack of skill
  4. Inaccurate belief systems that lead to unnecessary obstacles and challenges

Q: Your speaking programs can address these reasons?

A: Yes. Each program is different from the others and yet most problems and challenges can be traced back to these four reasons.

Q: What made you become a speaker?

A:  When I was a college student back in the late 1960s and early 1970s I was greatly influenced by speakers that I experienced on my campus. I remember a debate I attended between Ayn Rand and Senator Jacob Javits in NYC. They were both so articulate about their ideas and yet had totally different perspective on the same issues. I was already a skilled speaker, having done fundraising in my high school but the thought of doing it professionally never crossed my mind until I experienced these speakers myself.

 Q: Who are your heroes and greatest influences?

A: I have many including the influence  pioneer –  Milton Erickson M.D.; The visionary builder of Industry and philanthropist – Andrew Carnegie; The pioneer of Scientific Management – Frederick Winslow Taylor;  The family systems theorist and group dynamics expert – Virginia Satir; the Neurobiologist – John Lilly who created some of the ideas used in the movie “the Matrix”; The creator of Multiple Intelligences Theory – Howard Gardner; the Game Theory pioneer – Jon Von Neuman; the ancient Chinese military strategist – Sun Tzu; and the author of the Peter Principle – Laurence Peter. Of course there are many others who have influenced me and I am always being introduced to new ideas and new influences, often by those in my audiences. All of these individuals I have mentioned were “game changers” – they took ways of doing things and transformed both theory and application.

 Q: What has motivated you to speak to college students?


  1. We need more multi disciplinary-critical thinkers and it is in colleges where this way of seeing the world can expand or be limited to form a type of tunnel vision that can limit success in life. When I was in college I heard a number of visionary thinkers that have influenced me over the last forty years.
  2. What types of audiences do you feel most comfortable presenting to?
  3. Multi disciplinary thinkers, artists, innovators, and “outsiders”. I know many successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and others who were told they had ADD, ADHD and still believe they have these challenges etc. I am not an expert on these challenges but I do know that we are all gifted in different ways and have unique learning styles. My programs are structured to entertain, educate and motivate audiences who have very different learning styles but seek content rich presentations. The information I offer is clear, concise, accessible and easy to apply; and is presented in a way that inspires laughter, good feelings, and motivation for positive change.

Q: Where do you get the information you teach in your presentations?

A: I’ve been making presentations for over 40 years and of course I have real life experience. I spent the winter of 2014 in the Philippine Jungles and the fall of 2014 in the back country of Turkey, and the winter of 2013 in the Capitals and back country of Central and Eastern and Central Europe. I am committed to public service and am also a successful entrepreneur who has worked personally on projects with Michael Moore, Donald Trump, and at the Council of Foreign Relations.

Q: Is it true that you have a network radio talk show?

A. I presently have a business success and personal development based talk radio show at WIOX 91.3 FM which is part of the NPR (National Public Radio) affiliated Premier Radio Network.  You can hear it on your “smart” device at The show also has plenty of music and humor and I do interviews with artists, visionary business people and important thinkers.

I have found that audiences deeply connect to my stories which are real, stranger than true, fascinating and have messages that help students solve real problems.

Q: What do you do for rest and relaxation?

A: Since speaking and travel is my passion my wife Lilia, who is also a speaker, and are often invited to speak on different cruses. This allows us to do what I love, sharing information with others and meeting interesting people and creating new friendships.

Q: How can I get you to speak to my group?

A: Just Click here to submit a request online.


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Lewis Harrison on the Radio

Hear Lewis Harrison weekely on his NPR (National Public Radio Network) radio show “Ask Lewis”

This is a motivational, educational, informational, inspirational and very funny Radio Show.

The show broadcasts every Thursday at 4:00 – 6:00 PM (EST) at

91.3 FM Roxbury NY and streams internationally on your smart device at

WIOX broadcasts from Roxbury NY in the majestic Catskill Mountains and is a proud member of WSKG Public Media – Part of the NPR network of stations.


 To learn more about working with Lewis call him 9 am -9pm 212-724-8782 or by e-mail at