Hire Lewis

Hire Lewis and find out why he is called “the Personal Development Guru”

His two most recent books “Gamification for Business”,  and “Building Your Business in the New Digital Reality”  explore two of the most trending topics in association and corporate world.

When you hire Lewis Harrison, you get the celebrity of a radio personality broadcasting through the NPR network of stations; who is the author of 12 books that have been translated into 5 languages, has been featured on network television, and is a noted personal development/business/gamification in business expert. And, you get the professional platform skills of a forty-year veteran speaker  who was a chairperson for a National Speakers Association Professional Experts Group.

This is what Jack Canfield, the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Series of books had to say about Lewis

“…presents a well organized step-by-step program. Following this program may have an immediate impact on your mental and physical health, and lead you to the threshold of a greatly improved quality of life. Harrison shows you how.”