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The world of business is changing rapidly and the old clichés aren’t going to work anymore in isolation in this new globalized environment.

The good news is that that any businessperson or organization can learn to integrate gamification, basic systems theory, decision science, positive psychology, multiple intelligences theory and many other new cutting edge ideas with concepts like “Best Practices”. By doing this you can create, build, sustain and expand a successful business and increase both employee and customer engagement.

What is gamification?

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How is it applied in a business to increase employee and customer engagement?

Here is one example


Lewis Harrison’s approach to the concept of gamification is unique in that it is not inspired only by game design and mechanics which seems to be this years “new business success fad” but goes to the source – “game theory.”. Game Theory is a discipline founded by John Von Neumann, a Hungarian-born American mathematician, scientific Renaissance man and polymath. Game Theory describes mathematical concepts (systems) that were designed to explain why and how individuals and organizations strategize, i.e. make decisions when one person (or more than one other person) might also affect the outcome of the decision.

In Lewis’ presentations he takes John Von Neumann’s original concepts, tweaks them a bit, merges them with other important gamification theorists and game designers.

Lewis takes these ideas and organizes them in easy to understand and apply concepts. He then presents them in an interactive process that is fun and intuitive.

Phones onThrough this process Lewis applies gamification and game theory  to other disciplines to create an approach that merges  behavioral sociology, decision science, positive psychology  and best practices into an exciting and unique approach to problem solving and business solutions..

Lewis’ content rich programs are designed to help you maximize your business success at the lowest possible cost while serving the customer and the team members within your business.

The Greek philosopher Socrates stated that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  I would rewrite this to say “The unexamined business is not worth having.”

If you are looking to take your business to the next level than a presentation by Lewis Harrison is your natural “next step…”

About Lewis Harrison:Lewis has been speaking on personal development, human potential, and business solutions since 1972. He is recognized world-wide as an expert on the topics of Personal Development, Leadership, Corporate Wellness, Gamification, Visionary Thinking, Business Solutions, and Personal Finance.

His books have been translated into over 5 languages and he is followed by hundreds of thousands of people around the planet. Lewis is perfect for corporations, associations or entrepreneurial groups, whether large or small, ordinary or extraordinary, multi-cultural or no culture at all. His stories and humor relate to every type of audience. Lewis works minimalist – no fancy gimmicks, no power point, no laptop connections – just powerful words, powerful ideas and a powerful presence from the stage.

When you hire Lewis your audience will feel at ease and leave motivated,  inspired and informed.

 Lewis is the author of two pioneering books on game based thinking and gamification


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